Situated on the busy strip at Ettalong Beach, on Ocean view road, Trattoria Da Vito offers a relaxed atmosphere with a Tuscan decor. The cuisine is authentic Italian with a strong focus on seafood. However,  our Chefs have designed a menu to satisfy each and every palette, from oven roasted stuffed zucchine for vegetarian to fresh tagliatelle with house made ragu, decadent risottos and luscious desserts…


At T.D.V is simple. We enjoy simple yet modern food. Our Chefs have been on the game since 2 decades with proven records of leaderships and collaboratios all over around the globe in hotel ad resorts withing Europe and worldwide, bringing at your table more then a decade of experience in the Hospitality field. Supporting top ingredients from local and imported sources,  adopting the philosophy of fresh – innovative and smart.  T.D.V. made in – House by our Chef Vito Sechi